Teaching Philosophy

I work very hard for my students to ensure a safe and confidential working environment. I do this so that we can work together in order to build your voice, which will give you more confidence in your singing and performing. My teaching consists of useful and constructive comments. I do not believe in teaching with sarcasm or condescending criticism.


I believe it is important to structure lessons to the needs of each individual student. Not everyone learns at the same pace, has the same vocal needs or learns in the same manner. I ensure that my students are taught based on their individual abilities and needs.


I believe that every person who has a desire to sing has the capacity to learn and improve their voice. While every student may not perform at the professional level, each student can greatly improve their vocal technique through diligent study and practice.


It is my promise to work as hard as you do in your lessons. If you consistenly attend your lessons with an open mind and practice the concepts and vocalises assigned to you on a regular basis, you will make noticeable improvement. The ultimate goal for each and every one of my students is for them to sing with better technique in order to sing with more confidence.



Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent. 


            - Victor Hugo